Submitted by zehaeva on Sun, 07/05/2015 - 08:24

I loved to blog when I were younger. Just pour my thoughts out onto these electronic pages in some kind of insane stream of consciousness that dribbles out in ones and zeros flooding some unknown corner of the internet. a few synapses in this vast artificial brain that we have created to bring us one step closer to each other through out the world. And it has, brought us all closer i mean.Now people who would have suffered alone with, thought they were the only ones in the universe who liked photos of joe biden eating sandwiches or were really big into pugs or couldn't get enough of re-imagining the 19th century as this steam filled mechanical wonderland that suddenly was on par with our modern society can find hundreds and thousands of people just like them. I used to think I were pretty alone until I got into high school. Not immediately did I discover that there were others who thought like me, off center and backwards, but eventually I did find them. In elementary school I found that I were always out of place. A weird boy in the same uniform as everyone else kneeling in a pew talking to a god that doesn't exist and desperately trying to make it seem like I thought he did, that the extra room the nuns made us put between each other were really for our guardian angels. Even going to public school didn't alleviate any of this. Then I were that weird boy from parochial school, a snob, a rich kid, who didn't talk to anyone because he were better than everyone else. It didn't help that I went from rich white america to the hood. Strange that such worlds were so close together as well, the same neighborhood and yet divided as surely as berlin were at the time. Finding a group of people who accepted you and lets you know that hey, yes, there are other people just like you is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. Finding that in high school saved my life, I think. While it was rougher than I think any parent would like for their child the fact that my graduating class were around a thousand students really allows for you to find someone else who is just like you, statistically speaking. It's harder to be a unique snowflake in a in a blizzard, you can't be a special flower in a flower garden. And this is a good thing. looking around at the same 40 people for 12 years and I think you'll realize that anyone who has a one in a hundred personality probably won't find a match there. It's isolating. and once isolated it's easy to pretend that there isn't anyone out there who thinks or feels like you do and to deny their very existence. Once you believe that you're a special snowflake then it becomes a part of who you are, there isn't anyone out there who could possibly understand you. and yet, with some seven billion people out there there must be a whole gaggle of folks who know exactly what it's like to be you. because you are not that unique. no one is that unique. and this is a good thing. we're alone enough being these consciousnesses that are stuck inside of our own skulls interacting with each other with imperfect senses using imperfect languages to convey imperfect ideas to other imperfect people. So here, here in this hallowed place, this temple of the electron and the idea, here we find each other, here we more perfectly communicate, here were start the process of instrumentality, the merging of one human consciousness into another, here we grow and meld into one another. it is beautiful.