Submitted by zehaeva on Wed, 02/24/2016 - 08:54

I've really enjoyed how easy the Let's Encrypt beta/release has gone. Not that I see any real benefit other than being able to go "yeah, my sites have ssl certs, don't yours?" in a shallow disaffected hipster sort of way. There has been one small place where it has gone wrong. And by wrong I mean right because it's working correctly but it cause my sites to be unable to be used by others. This is the case where if you're running Windows XP and trying to visit the site on IE or Chrome, apparently the way both of those system implement their encryption, and because XP isn't ever going to get another update, causes sites encrypted with Let's Encrypt to fail. So, sorry to all you folks who are still running 15 year old OS's! You can still view my site through FireFox!