Submitted by zehaeva on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 22:15

This is the second time I've seen this film. I didn't like it the first time. I just didn't enjoy it at all! Now that I am watching it a second time and with an eye towards rating it I can see that the film is good. The imagery that is reinforcing the idea that everything is being wiped away, the scene in the book store brilliantly so, the way the story is told as well. The audio didn't really stick with me however, I can't recall much of it to be honest!

My other thoughts about it center around the ideas that the movie is based on. Being an avid consumer of SciFi I can't help be feel that the ideas of mutable memories and wiping away the things you don't want or don't need have been done before. It feel almost tired to me.

However I feel about it that doesn't stop the film from being a good film, it just lessens my enjoyment of it compared to others to whom the ideas are new and fresher.